About us

About us

The passion for what we do is the real wealth of our business. Talent and resourcefulness are the values that we seek in our collaborators. We recognize and cultivate talents, give them the opportunity to get their hands dirty and encourage them to think outside the box.


We offer different professional opportunities: technical profiles – systems engineers and developers – commercial roles, document analysis, and more creative roles, related to the study and re-engineering of processes.


We need energy, enthusiasm, and initiative because we are convinced that the people who work there build the success of our company.
We promote a peaceful and collaborative work environment, transparent communication, and a streamlined organization because we believe they are the essential prerequisites for obtaining the best results.

Who We Are?

Loan approved.in is a comparison site for offers of personal loans and loans for families born in 2001 with the aim of allowing consumers to choose the best loan for their needs and at the same time save on the installments to be paid to the company providing the loan.

What We Offer?

The Loan approved.in website facilitates users with an easy to understand graphic design and with equally fast functionality: on Loan approved.in is possible to view the loan offers of the major national and foreign banks and financial companies operating in Italy in a few moments, with a complete and transparent indication of each feature of the loan, and a clear and precise explanation of conditions and costs associated with each proposal.

Our vision

the online loan comparison service of Loan approved.in is completely free and allows anyone to customize the search based on their needs, so as to obtain an immediate comparison of the rates, installments, and other costs of the offers of the various credit: in this way our customers are able to identify the most interesting solutions in a few minutes, and if they wish they can send a feasibility request to the chosen institution directly online.

Loan approved.in will take care of questioning the bank or the financial company and responding quickly to the user’s question by providing him, always free of charge, with an assistance service provided by our team of consultants.

We are here to help you

Our mission is to deliver reliable, latest news and opinions.

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