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Education Loan

Everyone wants them to get a good education or do a good job or their business. But in today’s era of inflation, higher education has become expensive. It is not a matter of everyone to get fees for big and good colleges or institutions. Education loans come in this way. With the help of education loans, it has become easier to get higher education not only in the country but also abroad. Education loan is available in every bank

Education loan process

You can get this loan for post graduation or for any professional studies. You can talk to a bank where you have an account for a loan. For such an educational institute which is recognized by the government, you will not find it difficult to get a loan for a professional course. Educational loans include your college fees, library, hostel expenses and purchase of computers for studies.

These documents will be your work

The student will have to provide the marksheet of the previous examination, certificate of expenses during the course, bank statements of the last 6 months, documents of entrance and scholarship and ITR proof of the last two years of the parents.

What are the terms

For an education loan, the applicant must be an Indian. Students between 16 and 35 years of age can apply for this.

Education loans of these banks are cheaper

According to loan comparison website, State Bank of India (SBI) and Indian Bank are providing education loans at the cheapest rates for studies in the country. Let’s know which bank’s education has the minimum interest rates.

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