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    Personal loan: what is it?

    The personal loan is a type of financing that is disbursed by banks or other credit institutions to a customer who undertakes to repay it in installments within a predetermined period of time.
    In addition to the sum received on loan, which can go up to a maximum of 80,000, the applicant is also required to pay during the repayment period a series of fixed or variable interests and ancillary costs/charges, i.e. TAN and APR.
    A personal loan is a form of consumer credit not finalized, that is, unlike the mortgage, it does not provide for the obligation to purchase a specific good or service: it can be requested without explicitly specifying its intended use.
    These are short-term loans and can have a maximum duration of 10 years or 120 months/installments.
    There are 180-month loans, that is, which last up to 15 years, but not all lenders provide them.
    Some, however, provide repayable personal loans in 180 monthly installments, i.e. up to 15 years.

    Personal loan: who can apply for it?

    Obtaining a personal loan is not difficult and any natural person can apply for it if certain requirements are met.Although each financial institution adopts specific rules to evaluate each loan application, there are common general criteria.

    A personal loan applicant must demonstrate that:

    be between 18 and 70 years old
    have a “repayment capacity” that takes into account the receipts, assessed through the verification of the paycheck and / or the tax return, and the expenses calculated through the sum of all monthly payment commitments (rent, bills, installments of others loans).
    In the event that the applicant is unable to demonstrate this repayment ability, a personal guarantee from a third party who agrees to pay for him may be required.
    not be registered in the bad payer’s lists inserted by the Central Credit Register or by the SIC (Credit Information Systems).
    If you are registered on these lists, you can opt for other forms of consumer credit that are also granted to bad payers: the transfer of the fifth is one of these, but it is dedicated only to permanent employees and retirees.
    For both types of financing, the proposals of IBL Banca are very advantageous, making loans their core business.

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