Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

Below are the terms and conditions of use of the service made available to users of the Loanapproved.in site (the “Terms of Use”)

Object Of The Service

Loanapproved.in, although possibly integrated in other sites in a “co-branded” and/or adapted for mobile devices, also in the form of an “app” (the “Site”) is a portal managed by Loanapproved.in S.r.l. (“Loan approved”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gruppo MutuiOnline SpA, which allows consumers to obtain information and compare quotes for insurance, credit, financial, telecommunications and energy services and then eventually get in touch with insurance companies, financial institutions, telecommunications and energy companies, the comparators and meta-comparators (hereinafter jointly the “Partners”) suppliers of these products, as better specified below (the “Service”). The Site is divided into sections dedicated to specific products, each managed and owned by a specialized company (the “Product Companies”) controlled by Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. and in possession of the prescribed regulatory requirements. For details on each of the Product Companies, listed below, please refer to the information in the specific sections.
Insurance Section: CercAssicurazioni.it S.r.l. (insurance broker)
Mortgage Section: MutuiOnline S.p.A. (credit broker)
Accounts and Funds Section: Financial Innovation SIM S.p.A. (brokerage firm)
Loans Section: Loan approved S.p.A. (credit broker)
Rates Section: Loanapproved.it S.r.l.
For the Tariffs Section, Loan approved also avails itself of the collaboration of Loan approved Servizi S.r.l., a company wholly owned by Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. operating as a sales agent for some operators in the energy and telecommunications sector for the promotion and telephone sales of the related products.

Insurance Service

The Insurance Section (Assicurazioni.loanapproved.it) of the Site is managed and is owned by CercAssicurazioni.it S.r.l. (hereinafter “CercAssicurazioni”); the Service consists of the presentation of insurance products and assist loan approved in contacting insurance companies and/or insurance intermediaries (the “Insurance Partners”). CercAssicurazioni’s activity is subject to IVASS supervision.

Loan Service

The Mortgage Section (loanapproved.in) of the Site is managed by MutuiOnline S.p.A. (hereinafter “MutuiOnline”), a credit brokerage company independent of any banking group.
The Service allows users to make an immediate and transparent comparison between the various mortgages offered and disbursed by those credit institutions with which MutuiOnline has entered into commercial agreements (the banks affiliated). The Service includes the connection of users who request
it with the affiliated banks in order to evaluate the granting of the selected loans but does not guarantee the effective disbursement of these loans.
The Service also allows, at the request of users, to obtain updated mortgage estimates and refinancing proposals for any existing mortgages.

Loan Offers

The loan offers are presented and compared by MutuiOnline simulating the amortization plans of the individual products of the affiliated institutions, based on the research parameters indicated by the user, the current market rates and the contractual conditions of the products, taking into account the current legislation applicable to the calculation and presentation of the main reference parameters, including in particular the APR (Annual Global Equivalent Rate). Since the APR represents the reference Synthetic Cost Indicator for the mortgage market, the offers are presented sorted by increasing APR, with the option for the user to change the sorting parameter. For each mortgage offer, further detailed information is available, presented in the relative “product sheet”.

Calculation Tools

Mutui Online’s calculation tools are the result of long experience in the financial sector and careful analysis work. However, given the extreme variability in the methods of calculation, and since it is impossible to consider all the concrete cases, they have an informational value only. MutuiOnline does not assume any responsibility for the effects possibly caused by their use, nor can it be held in any way responsible for the effects and events directly or indirectly consequent to the use of this Site.

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